2009 Recruiting

Update on the recruiting possibilities

Recruits still “considering” Xavier or Arizona (i.e. not signed yet):

* 6-10, 250-pound center Kryrl Natyazhko (considering Xavier, could follow Miller to Arizona – also considering ASU, but this could push him to Tucson)
* 6-8, 200, power forward Glenn Bryant (considering Xavier, could follow Miller to Arizona)
* 6-6, 200, swingman Victor Rudd (Arizona is Rudd’s first choice)
* 6-4, 190, shooting guard Sherrod Wright (considering Xavier, could follow Miller)
* 6-6, 195, small forward Solomon Hill (oral committment to USC, considering decommitting and coming to Arizona).
* 6-1, 170 point guard Aaron Robinson – no info from Rivals

* 6-5, 239 shooting guard Bill Edwards has offers on the table from Miami (OH), Dayton, and UMass. He was NOT offered by Xavier and because of that he probably will not follow Miller to Arizona.
* 6-8, 220 power forward Colin Borchert was offered by two Pac-10 schools (USC, Cal), along with UNLV, Kentucky, and Nebraska. Given the Calipari hire in Kentucky now, I’d be surprised if Borchert doesn’t take the Kentucky offer.

And for the class of 2010:
* Santa Rita junior Terrell Stoglin reaffirmed his oral committment to Maryland.
* 6-6, 200 HS junior power forward J.D. Weatherspoon has decommitted from Xavier and is now considering Arizona, Wisconsin, and Georgia Tech.
* 6-8, 210, HS junior power forward Jordan Latham (would be a November signee)

From Javier Morales:

The developments of one-time hot prospect Victor Rudd are actually getting worse instead of better. Rudd, a 6-6 swing man who played for Henderson (Nev.) Findlay Prep, is back at home in Van Nuys (Calif.) after getting kicked off the team for disciplinary reasons. This means he will not fulfill his academic requirements and college coaches are leery of his character. It appears that Arizona and Marquette are no longer recruiting him, and UNLV (whose coaches attended almost all of his games) has also backed off as well. Findlay coach Mike Peck told the Las Vegas Sun all that Rudd had to do was issue an apology to his teammates, but he refused and bolted from school. Peck told the newspaper he will not offer a stamp of approval for Rudd if coaches inquire. “I can’t put my name on it,” Peck said. “It hurts our future. That’s my name. I don’t want that school calling me next December asking me, What in the heck? I can’t put my name on it. That’s unfortunate.”

Given this info, it’s likely that Arizona will cease his recruitment.

From NBADraft.net:

2009 Mock Lottery

Updated: 4/7/09 4:40 pm

1 Sacramento Blake Griffin So.
2 Washington Jordan Hill Jr.
3 LA Clippers Hasheem Thabeet Jr.
4 Oklahoma Cty James Harden So.
5 *Minnesota Brandon Jennings Intl.
6 Memphis Demar DeRozan Fr.
7 Golden St. Earl Clark Jr.
8 *New York Gerald Henderson Jr.
9 Toronto Chase Budinger Jr.
10 Milwaukee Craig Brackins So.
11 New Jersey Ty Lawson Jr.
12 Indiana Wayne Ellington Jr.
13 Charlotte Greg Monroe Fr.
14 Phoenix Al-Farouq Aminu Fr.

Hill and Budinger are top 10 picks, with both going to situations where their teams can contend. Tempe Normal’s James Harden looks to be headed to no-man’s land (Oklahoma City), where he’ll be stuck on a non-contender for his rookie contract.

And who the heck is Aminu that Phoenix is looking at? Can’t they actually look at homegrown talent? Or better yet, if they draft him, how about they KEEP him???

Coach update

Looks like Sean Miller is The Guy. Does that mean we’ll get some recruits in before 4/15? What about 6-10, 250-pound Florida center Kryrl Natyazhko and Glenn Bryant, a 6-8, 200, power forward? Xavier reportedly is among the schools Natyazhko and Bryant are considering before they announces their decisions April 11. Could Miller persuade Natyazhko and Bryant to follow him to Arizona?

There’s also HS junior power forward Jordan Latham, 6-8, 210, from Baltimore, but he’d have to come in the November signing period.

6-6, 200 swingman Victor Rudd is still out there, along with anyone Reggie Geary might have convinced to take a chance on Arizona. Arizona is Rudd’s first choice.

Even shooting guard Sherrod Wright (6-4, 190) is available, and HS junior point guard Terrell Stoglin from Santa Rita HS said he’d reconsider Maryland if the right coach was hired at Arizona… is Miller the “right coach” for Stoglin (6-1, 160)?

Pac-10 basketball officials suck

I have now watched two Pac-10 games this week (ASU/UCLA, ASU/USC) and watched the zebras literally HAND both games to ASU on blocking fouls that were called offensive charges. Add this to the UA/ASU game that was also handed to ASU by the officials this year on a blocking foul that was called an offensive charge, and you have now the nationwide leader in blown calls.

And I’m not just singing sour grapes here, being a UA fan. All three games had the TV commentators watch the “foul” replayed several times in regular and slo-mo speeds and in all three games, they agreed, as did I, that the officials got it wrong.

And sadly, in all three games, the officials decided the outcome of the games because in each case, the team in question would have tied the game or brought the score to one possession – AND would have had momentum (which is a big deal in college basketball)!

And of course, ASU was the beneficiary of all three.

Now Tim Floyd, the USC coach, just got tossed for this latest travesty, and I really hope that USC sends this tape to the Pac-10 head of officiating, because those zebras REALLY need to put in some extra film time on “What Is and Is Not a Charge.”

UPDATE: The offending idiot ref this time was actually named in a newspaper article – Randy McCall. Hey, Randy, you need a serious retest of your officiating status. Heck, in that same article, the kid that took the “charge” (Jamelle McMillan) even admits “Whether I was moving or not, I was just going to fall. That was my plan the whole time. Fortunately the call went my way, and they got a little angry about it. I had made up my mind when I saw him trying to go by Derek (Glasser) that I was going to fall regardless.”

So, from now on until the end of basketball season, I will be posting every day and using “Randy McCall” as a tag as a protest, because the Pac-10 officials right now suck beyond belief.