Vail HS prank followup

So, three teens were arrested, two of which are adults (18 yrs old) and one of which is a minor (17 yrs old). Vail HS has decided that for their part, the punishment will be not allowing the three to participate in graduation ceremonies, though they will get their HS diplomas. Many parents have written to the news outlets or on internet boards complaining that the kids should be able to walk with their classmates and just do community service.

However, the Vail School District reported that the cost for the damage was $10,000. They had to hire a crane to lift the vehicles in order to reinflate the tires.

Guess what – that dollar amount means the three boys committed felonies.

And, not surprisingly, the three were booked into Pima County Jail last night on… felony charges of 3rd degree burglary, a class 4 felony, and aggravated criminal damage, a class 6 felony. If the judge/jury finds the three guilty without a plea bargain, the teens are looking at prison time and/or probation.

At the very least, the attorney’s fees alone will be close to $10k, and probation will be an ongoing cost (one poster guesstimated about $50/mo for 3 years).

And then, there’s the little niggling matter of having a felony on your record – you can’t own or possess a firearm of any type, you can’t get a job that requires no felonies on record, and you can’t get government clearance for military jobs or contracts.

They had better hope for a plea bargain that gives them probation and drops the felony charges to misdemeanors after probation is completed. That’s about the best they will be able to do, because the school district isn’t about to drop the charges unless the teens pay restitution and perform community service for the school district.

Note to other high school seniors considering dumbass pranks that cause damage – think twice and very carefully about what you’re about to do because there are consequences to every single prank. Toilet papering the school gym is one thing, super-glueing the locks on the parking lot gates is another. “Burning” (with chemicals) your class year in the football field or spray painting the blacktop street in front of your school with your class year – which is going to cause less problems?

Exactly my point.

And for all parents that have the audacity to cry foul because their kids got punished for something you don’t consider harmful – get a clue, morons. The rules are there to protect everyone – break one and you should expect punishment in kind, whether it is detention for chewing gum in the halls or confiscating a cell phone for talking on it during class. You want your kids to grow up smart? Try not being morons yourselves and maybe, just maybe your kids won’t be, because kids do EXACTLY what their parents do.

Vail HS seniors need comeuppance

So Vail HS seniors decided to pull a Senior Prank. Nothing new, right? A healthy majority of us have participated in one form or another in our own respective HS senior pranks.

However, these kids went too far – it’s one thing to pull a prank and have it localized to the senior class, or relegated only to the school itself. It’s another thing entirely when the prank affects the way the school performs its function and detrimentally affects those parents who have freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who do not drive and cannot catch a ride to school.

Spray painting the buses – the school probably would have lived if had just been that.

But deflating/puncturing two tires on all 76 buses?

That’s intentional criminal damage. Now, the senior CLASS – yes, all members of the Vail HS senior class – are lumped together for this prank, even those who didn’t participate. If I’m you and didn’t participate but know who did, I would be offering those names up to the authorities ASAP.

How well does that reflect for those students who were borderline private scholarship finalists? Or maybe those in a competitive job hunt? It’s not discrimination if those who are awarding the scholarships or offering the job decide to look elsewhere based on the “moral character” of the person applying.

And that’s not to mention the parents who might have been late to work – especially in this bad economy, can any parent afford something stupid like this reflecting badly on their own job performance? – or otherwise inconvenienced by this “prank”? Missed doctor’s appointments, meetings, etc. since doctor appointments are important to prevent and treat diseases, such as infections or diabetes, although this last one can be treated with the help of supplements as Gluco Type 2 that help a lot treating this disease.

And let’s not forget – 76 buses affected. That means all the buses for the high school AND the junior high AND the elementary students were affected. Yes, I think I’d like for my elementary student to stand outside in the heat for 30 minutes before the district notified the parents that the buses were running late due to VANDALISM.

Yes, you Vail HS seniors – you pulled a great prank. You broke into a locked and posted location, you vandalized the entire district’s fleet, and caused borderline criminal damage (to be determined by the county prosecutor). Way to show school spirit! Breaking and entering, followed up by vandalism! Now that’s what Vail HS is all about! Woo hoo!

I love automatic translators

My friend Alex occasionally posts stuff on her blog in Portuguese. And occasionally I’m too lazy to try to translate on the fly, so I run it through an online translator like Babelfish.

Today’s account was pretty … sad.

Here’s the original (

Falta de respeito por todos os lados.

Eu amo Akira.

Em 2007, o filme Akira de Katsuhiro Otomo fez 20 anos. Saiu DVD especial comemorativo com extras, com versão widscreen, audio decente, remasterizado, aquela coisa toda. Lembro que quando saiu eu estava saltitante, doida por um desses, mas fui deixando pra depois, pra depois…. e não comprei.

Kaneda e sua moto, de AKIRA

Daí hoje na locadora estava ele lá, olhando pramim, sorridente, na prateleira de animes (sim, chiquérrimo, uma locadora que foi esperta o bastante para separar os animes dos desenhos animados infantis).

Peguei. Woo-hoo, vamos ver Akira pela enésima vez!

Daí trailer sobre como a pirataria de dvds sustenta o crime. Eu acho o fim esses trailers nos DVDs, pois você, que pagou legitimamente pela locação não pode passar o maldito pra frente, tem que ficar ouvindo ele te chamar de ladrão sem poder fazer nada.

Daí outro.

E outro.

No quarto eu já estava levantando pra desligar o DVD e não assistir mais a porcaria do filme. Mas foi o último.

Vi o filme, beleza, mas convenhamos, QUATRO comerciais me chamando de ladra de filmes depois eu já não tinha mais a menor inspiração de assistir o clássico dos clássicos.

Que puta falta de respeito!

Não que eu esteja defendendo a galera que copia e vende DVDs (muito menos as que compram, todos que eu conheço que fazem isso eu xingo), mas dá vontade de ver só dvd pirata, que pelo menos a galera apaga esse capítulo com os comerciais sobre pirataria e a gente nao é obrigado a ver aquela bobajada toda.

Daí falta de respeito gera mais falta de respeito. Os abobados que ficam copiando DVDs com um lucrinho ridículo, se achando super espertos; os mais abobados ainda que compram o DVD achando que estão fazendo economia (e depois NUNCA MAIS assistem o filme denovo, deixam lá rolando no armário); e os ultra-mega-abobados que ficam fazendo comerciais ameaçadores que só as pessoas que PAGAM pelos DVDs assistem, obrigadas, antes do seu filminho.

A tecnologia existe. Se as locadoras e os cinemas não se derem conta disso e nao baixarem os preços de locações e ingressos, os DVDs vão acabar no mesmo limbo dos CDs que ninguém mais compra.

E quando isso acontecer, DEAL WITH IT, mas me deixem assistir meu filme de bom humor, ok?

And here’s the online (badly mangled) translation: (

Lack of respect for all the sides.

I love Akira.

In 2007, the film Akira de Katsuhiro Otomo made 20 years. It left commemorative special DVD with extras, version widscreen, audio decent, remasterizado, that thing all. I remember that when I left I was saltitante, crazy for one of these, but I was leaving pra later, pra later…. e I did not buy.

Kaneda and its motion, of AKIRA

From there today in the landlord it, looking at pramim, there smiling was, in the shelf of livens up (yes, chiquérrimo, a landlord that was smart the sufficient one to separate you liven up them of the livened up drawings infantile).

I caught. Woo-hoo, we go to see Akira for the nth time!

From there trailer on as the piracy of dvds supports the crime. I find the end these trailers in the DVDs, therefore you, who paid legitimately for the location you cannot pass cursed pra front, have that to be hearing to call it you thief without being able to make nothing.

From there another one.

E another one.

In the room I already was raising pra disconnect the DVD and not to attend more the nastiness of the film. But he was the last one.

Vi the film, beauty, but let us agree, FOUR calling commercial ones me barks of films later I already I did not have more the lesser inspiration to attend the classic of the classics.

How puta respect lack!

That I am not defending galera that copies and vende DVDs (much less the ones that buy, all that I know that I make this I xingo), but of the will to only see dvd pirate, who at least galera erases this chapter with the commercial ones on piracy and people are not obliged to see that bobajada all.

From there respect lack generates more lack of respect. The abobados ones that is copying DVDs with one lucrinho ridicule, if finding super smart; the most abobados despite they buy the DVD finding that they are making economy (and later NEVER MORE they attend to the film denovo, leave there rolling in the closet); e the extremeone that they are making commercial threatening that only the people who PAY for the DVDs attends, debtors, before its filminho.

The technology exists. If the landlords and the cinemas if not to give account of this and not to lower the prices of locations and ingressions, the DVDs go to finish in limb them the same CDs that nobody more purchase.

E when this to happen, DEAL WITH IT, leave but to attend me my film of good mood, ok?

To think, there are people out there that are PAID to create online translators. Would it maybe be possible for those companies to employ … I don’t know, someone who can actually SPEAK ENGLISH?

I mean, Alex has a good point in her post, but that point is completely mangled for those English speakers who don’t speak a lick of Portuguese or Spanish and solely depend on online translators for that info.

C’mon. Do the right thing, Yahoo!, Google, MSN, and others… call a college student or three and get them to work on the translation cleanups…

BMW Driver almost drives off a cliff

I’m sure that this has happened to multiple other people in the US but gone unreported, but this guy in England decided that he was going to completely and totally rely on his satellite navigation system to drive around… and almost drives himself off a cliff.

His excuse was “It kept insisting the path was a road, even as it was getting narrower and steeper. I just trusted it. You don’t expect to be taken nearly off a cliff.”

How about driving with your EYES ON THE ROAD you dingbat? If the road begins to look like a golf cart path in the Scottish Highlands, you should PROBABLY TURN AROUND.

Teens and cell phones

Recently, a Wisconsin teen was arrested for refusing to cease texting while IN MATH CLASS. Not only did she refuse to stop, she refused to give up her cell phone as well.

The police were called and the cell phone was “extracted” from the girl, who now faces a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

Hello, parents! Have you NOT told your kids to not text/make phone calls during school hours? If you haven’t YOU NEED TO BE HIT OVER THE HEAD REPEATEDLY. And the nation’s lawmakers are still wondering why our children are in the bottom third of the world in learning – maybe it’s because THERE’S TOO MANY DISTRACTIONS ALLOWED.