Is that score right??

Phoenix 140, LA Clippers 100.

Yes, it’s right. I watched most of this game (had to listen to the third quarter in the car on the way to the store) and was absolutely-fricking-astounded by the response of the Suns to return to the 7 Seconds or Less run-and-gun offense. All Phoenix starters played less than 28 minutes each, and super-sub Louis Amundson scored 13 points in 20 minutes and chipped in 8 boards. Heck, even Goran Dragic played 23 minutes and scored in double figures, hitting a 3-pointer AND scoring on a dunk in the 4th quarter.

And it came at the hands of the hapless Clippers – no Marcus Camby (inner ear infection), no Brian Skinner (sore right achilles), and near the end of the first quarter, no Zach Randolph (ejected for throwing a punch).

And to think, the same two teams go at it again TONIGHT at 8:30pm MST in LA.

Now, I doubt that Camby will be available to play, maybe Skinner will be playing, but we know that Randolph will not be playing, and may be unavailable for a good couple of games – an ejection is an automatic one-game suspension, but his actions will probably merit at least a 5-gamer.

I see another blowout in the future. Probably not by 40, but at least by 15-20. I mean, think about it – who does the Clippers have that can guard Shaq AND Amare Stoudemire? (answer: no one) Heck, what’s the over/under on the halftime score of tonight’s game?

The poor people of Clipper Nation are pretty much hamstrung by their roster (Zach Randolph – 3 years remaining on his contract at $14.7mil/yr; Chris Kaman – 4 years, $9.5mil/yr; and Baron Davis – 5 years, $11.25mil/yr). Their only saving grace is that Ricky Davis comes off the books at the end of the season (he of the lowly plus/minus of -45 last night… that means that his team lost a net 45 points while he was on the court).

And irony of ironies, the coach last night (Alvin Gentry) was a former Clipper coach who was let go by said team in 2003 and hooked on to the Suns at that point. How beautifully delicious that he got to absolutely manhandle his former team. So good that the Suns rewarded Gentry with NBA history – the 40-point win is the largest margin of victory ever for a coach following a coaching change.

Poor, poor Clippers…

Shaq is predicting a 22-9 run for the remainder of the season. They got win #1 last night and now just need to deliver another 21 more. But will 51 wins be enough to make it in? I think so – in fact, I’d say that 48 wins will get the #6 spot, so 51 wins should be a #1-4 seed.

(insert “Randy McCall and Pac-10 referees suck” obligatory statement here)

Massachusetts considering Big Brother vehicle surveillance “tax”

Apparently the state of Massachusetts has decided to investigate installing GPS chips in Massachusetts’ residents’ cars in order to determine a vehicle charge per mile instead of a flat gas tax since gas taxes are declining due to vehicle efficiencies and improvements.

This is because Massachusetts residents don’t seem to drive four-wheel drive vehicles, large SUVs, or powerful trucks anymore, instead opting for the Mini Coopers and Toyota Priuses. What people outside Massachusetts don’t seem to realize is that the latter cars now come equipped with a snowplow option, making them easier to purchase and drive around in inclement weather.

The Massachusetts State Government has based their thought process on the fact that a 300 person trial in Oregon was largely successful in the satellite surveillance aspect, ignoring the fact that the trial was made up of volunteers, and that Oregon is in fact a larger state with a smaller population than Massachusetts and has more of a predilection toward alternative transportation anyway.

Massachusetts residents, on the other hand, should be alarmed at this Orwellian direction by their home state since Big Brother would be charging them to drive to their local Walmart or to the local park. Perhaps these residents should instead vote to force the state to stop superfluous spending instead of trying to dream up ways to “stick it to the man” even more.

(Obligatory Randy McCall and the Pac-10 refs are idiots blurb goes here.)

Pac-10 basketball officials suck

I have now watched two Pac-10 games this week (ASU/UCLA, ASU/USC) and watched the zebras literally HAND both games to ASU on blocking fouls that were called offensive charges. Add this to the UA/ASU game that was also handed to ASU by the officials this year on a blocking foul that was called an offensive charge, and you have now the nationwide leader in blown calls.

And I’m not just singing sour grapes here, being a UA fan. All three games had the TV commentators watch the “foul” replayed several times in regular and slo-mo speeds and in all three games, they agreed, as did I, that the officials got it wrong.

And sadly, in all three games, the officials decided the outcome of the games because in each case, the team in question would have tied the game or brought the score to one possession – AND would have had momentum (which is a big deal in college basketball)!

And of course, ASU was the beneficiary of all three.

Now Tim Floyd, the USC coach, just got tossed for this latest travesty, and I really hope that USC sends this tape to the Pac-10 head of officiating, because those zebras REALLY need to put in some extra film time on “What Is and Is Not a Charge.”

UPDATE: The offending idiot ref this time was actually named in a newspaper article – Randy McCall. Hey, Randy, you need a serious retest of your officiating status. Heck, in that same article, the kid that took the “charge” (Jamelle McMillan) even admits “Whether I was moving or not, I was just going to fall. That was my plan the whole time. Fortunately the call went my way, and they got a little angry about it. I had made up my mind when I saw him trying to go by Derek (Glasser) that I was going to fall regardless.”

So, from now on until the end of basketball season, I will be posting every day and using “Randy McCall” as a tag as a protest, because the Pac-10 officials right now suck beyond belief.