Another weekend done

Isabella had her first cheer competition on Saturday, and her team came in first place! Granted, it was a “prep” division for teams that were half-year, not full-year, but it’s still a win, and it still counts! Her team was pretty much awesome. Nearly flawless routine – but of course the judges have to deduct points for anything at all – and it was actually fun to watch all the other routines too. (Even the Tohono O’Odham Nation had a cheer team entered!)

Afterwards, home, then off to Reach 11 for Dominic’s second game of the Sereno Showcase tourney (his team, Alliance, won the morning game 5-0). This one ended in a 1-1 tie, but they definitely had at least three bonafide chances that should have been converted. There was also a controversial no-call in the penalty area by the center ref – Dylan was attempting a cross from left into the the center and was knocked down as he was making the attempt. For me, that would have been a call, not sure why the CR didn’t make the call unless he was still in high school mode (NFHS games tend to be a LOT more physical – mostly because the majority of the refs are not 100%-year-round soccer refs but multi-sport refs).

Today, three games for me at Quail Run park, then back home. The last game was memorable because it was Sereno Nogales vs Sereno East (Chandler) – and one of Dom’s old teammates from indoor (Georgie) was on Sereno East. Seven yellow cards in this game – five for Nogales (unsporting behavior – late tackle from behind, unsporting behavior – undercutting an opponent in midair, persistent infringement, failure to respect distance, and unsporting behavior – off-ball hip check), two for East ( late tackle, dissent). There was also a concussion in the first half, and the East team tried to substitute the player back into the game about ten minutes after it happened (um, not). East won, 1-0.

Didn’t make it to Dominic’s third game (also a 1-1 tie), but apparently Dom’s team spoiled the tournament shutout bid by their opponent, being the only team to score on them while playing with 10 1/2 men (one of the Alliance players was injured and they had no subs available due to injuries and suspensions).