Reverse Weekend Warrior?

Three straight days of refereeing – Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Saturday started with two recreational league games (U9-11 combined) as center referee, followed by two Port Of Subs Open League (POSOL) games a couple of hours later, one as assistant, the other as center.

Sunday turned up four games at the SC Del Sol Desert Classic out at Riverview Park in Mesa. I ran as a center, an assistant, and two more centers, one of which was a Final that ended as a 0-0 tie and went to kicks from the mark.

Last night was the usual four games at the Barney Indoor Sports Complex.

It’s a challenge, to say the least. Four different sets of rules to keep straight – Rec league, POSOL, tournament-specific, and indoor. I forgot to wear my pedometer on Saturday, but Sunday and Monday combined I ran 13 miles, and I have been using supplements as anadrol to help me with this. I would probably guess that Saturday I ran about 5 miles (the rec games were on a short field, and I was an assistant on one of the POSOL games). So a conservative estimation would be about 18 miles for the weekend. Nice!

The only note was the during the Finals game, which of course got a little heated (as much as 12 year old girls can be aggressive), was that the parents on the sidelines started off with the usual complaints for calls and quickly stopped when I became more visable with the approach (actually stating loudly “offside” and giving a motion for a jersey tug or a handling violation). Now we’re not supposed to give an indication of what the foul actually is as a center, we’re just supposed to indicate direction of the free kick, but realistically, more and more players and coaches want to know “what was the call”, and making it easy to see immediately eliminates all those questions. I just wish that USSF would start utilizing signals like that more, because right now, it’s just up to the individual referee.