Texas A&M not going to the SEC… this year

Look, despite what Texas A&M officials want to do (to Texas, which is stick it where the sun don’t shine), the reality is that Aggie Nation is not changing addresses to the SEC.

Why? Simple, really. 1) No financial incentive for the SEC. The SEC is getting megabucks and megapress from its current status. Adding Texas A&M, while gaining viewers from Texas, really doesn’t increase the standing of the SEC as a whole, and the SEC’s TV deal with ESPN and CBS currently in place doesn’t expire until 2024. When it comes to revenue sharing, adding A&M will end up being akin to too many hands in the cookie jar, so to speak. The increased scheduling nightmare for the members of the SEC West Division would have to be overcome as well. 2) No 14th team. The SEC is really adamant about keeping the divisions equal, and that means there would have to be a 14th team added. And it can’t just be ANY 14th team, the SEC would want a major player or a major market. Florida State? Nope – Florida won’t stand for it. Georgia Tech? Ditto. North Carolina? No way are they leaving the ACC and their Tobacco Road rivalry. No, the real answers would have to be either Virginia Tech or… Florida International (which is in Miami). And yet, neither of those schools are leaving their respective conferences anyway, so it’s a moot point.

No, Texas A&M is not jumping ship this season. But the Big 12 has reason to worry. Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have to be seriously thinking about that Pac-12 offer they rejected now.