Wickenburg FAIL

School under consideration: Wickenburg HS (Wickenburg Unified School District)

1. Athletic department budget has no accountability? Check.
2. Convicted felons allowed to coach? Check.
3. Skip reference checks on coaches? Check.
4. Student data unsecured and available through a ground-floor window? Check.
5. District accounting system gives access to groundskeepers? Check.
6. More bean counters than comparable districts? Check.
7. Paper pushers receiving improper bonuses? Check.
8. Ineligible employees added to State Retirement Program? Check.

Congratulations! Wickenburg HS meets all qualifications for FAIL!


Sure, I’m being somewhat facetious, but the problem is that all the above stuff actually DID take place – including the fact that student data was not encrypted OR physically protected, unless you count a ground-floor window as a means of protection from the outside world.

The Arizona State Inspector General’s audit report (link here) clearly shows multiple violations for many of the above problems, and the remainder were all infractions that took place this past football season (2009-10).

Sure, Wick is a small school district. But that’s really no excuse to have backup sensitive student data in an UNLOCKED ROOM with an UNLOCKED WINDOW.

All of this culminates in a nice big “F” for the school district.