Notable about the UA win over Tempe Normal

Tempe Normal’s Herb Sendek is 5-0 against Arizona’s INTERIM coaches, but 0-3 against the regular HC’s (Olson, Miller).

That says volumes about Tempe Normal’s program – that it can jack it up against the interims but completely shuts down against the heavy guns. Oh, and by the way, Lute Olson’s record against ASU: 43-6. Miller’s record against ASU: 2-1 (includes 1-1 as Xavier HC). So, that’s a 45-7 record by Arizona HC’s (not counting interims) against ASU HC’s in the last 27 years.

Yes, that’s SEVEN wins over Arizona HC’s in 27 years. That five-game win streak in the last two was fool’s gold since it was over the interim HCs. Nothing against Russ Pennell and Kevin O’Neill, but it’s hard to recruit talent to a school when you have the “interim” tag over your head.