I just finished watching the Denver / Phoenix game and I can honestly say that, while I know that FIBA officiating is easily the worst in the world, that NBA game was by far the worst officiated game I’ve seen in 2009, starting from the 3rd quarter on.

The refs, all three of them, swallowed their whistles whenever Phoenix had the ball, but touch a Denver player’s hair and it’s a 2-shot foul. Steve Nash is fouled on the way to the hoop with 6 seconds left in the game and there’s no call. Even the NBA TV broadcasters were like “WTF?” No wonder Alvin Gentry was livid.

I do not believe David Stern for a second that the officials are impartial. That’s a load of crap. And I’m really starting to believe that when the former players/refs are hung out to dry by their peers for making incriminating statements about the others in their group, there’s truth to it. Yeah Donaghy was a crooked ref, but you know what? Everyone thought Canseco was loony when he came forward about the BS going on in baseball – I’m starting to think that Donaghy might also have some bits of truth out there as well that will come to light eventually.

As for now, well, the Suns were homered in Denver, and it wasn’t because the Nuggets played good basketball, it was because the Suns had to play an 8-on-5.

When will we see some transparency with the officials, David Stern? I can’t wait to see what the stat crunchers find with the foul calls in this game. The media will be all over this one in the morning. It comes down to this – a two-time MVP drives the lane, is shoved, and there’s no call, but a former drug addict that is not one year removed from a 2-year suspension gets to run over and through Suns players and gets the benefit of a call EVERY SINGLE TIME.

That, my friends, is bullshit.