Cave City HS Knows the Definition of “Class”

A complete contrast from last Friday’s ignominious record-setting game is one played in the Deep South, where two teams (Cave City and Yelleville-Summit) battled and one showed just how much class a high school football team could have.

In a game that was in hand after three quarters against an undermanned team, Cave City had every right to score on its final possession (a kickoff return) with only seconds remaining in a 34-16 game.

Except it didn’t. The D-I prospect returning the kickoff, Thamail Morgan, easily blew through Yelleville-Summit’s kicking team and headed for the endzone… and stopped at the 2, backed up three yards, and took a knee.

Morgan’s coach and teammates were yelling at him from the sidelines telling him not to score. Morgan admits to hearing them yell, but that wasn’t really a factor in his decision to take a knee. “We did not want to come out in a game like this and not show any class… I knew that scoring was not the right thing to do,” said Morgan.

Classy from the top down – the coaches set the example, and the kids follow.

The coaching crew in a certain mountaintop high school could use a refresher course from Cave City.