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High School football is a sport for some, a passion for others, and for a little corner of Arizona, it’s grounds for a lynching, apparently.

Show Low, AZ has a reputation for being a passionate football town – they regularly turn out in droves to support their high school team and regional rivalries with Payson and Blue Ridge high schools tend to bring out another side of people.

That’s why, when I saw this post on the White Mountain Football Smack Board, I couldn’t help myself but to think – gee, this guy leads a very sheltered life, and he has no clue to begin with.

Re: Saguaro win streak

by greengoblin on Wed Jul 22, 2009 3:59 pm

I can’t believe you are talking about high school football in Tucson they SUCK. It’s been sense the late 60’s and early 70’s that they even had a team worth watching. Football in Tucson sucks period, look at U of A one bowl in ten years, and it was the Los Vegas bowl, yep Stoops is doing a fine job. Keep drinking the Kool-aid Tucson football fans.

I’M FROM SHOWLOW AND I DEMAND RESPECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tell it like it is, and make no apologies,and that angers people. Life continues

First off, the topic is high school football, so why is greengoblin equating high school football with college football? All this shows is that he doesn’t have really anything to add to the thread and that he’s really not very intelligent (and that’s ASIDE from all the typos).

Secondly, Show Low benefits from playing in a region where power points routinely garner extra points for teams in that region, so Show Low is usually a playoff-bound team even if they end their season below .500 like they’ve done twice in the past four seasons.

Third, Show Low is at least three hours from the nearest metropolitan city, so the community is far removed from the happenstances taking place on a daily basis. Information flow for that community is just a little bit slower…

Finally, greengoblin is completely off base in his assessment of Tucson high school football. In the last season alone, there were:

  • 2 5A-I playoff teams
  • 3 5A-II playoff teams
  • 4 4A-I playoff teams
  • 2 4A-II playoff teams
  • 1 3A playoff team (the only one in Tucson)
  • 1 2A playoff team (again, the only one in Tucson)

That’s 13 teams that made the playoffs. If you go back to 2004, you will find 11 programs consistently making the playoffs in their respective conferences every year, with another 3 either on the cusp or making it in one or two years in the last five. Thats a pretty good showing considering that the Phoenix-metro area typically owns around 2/3 of the available playoff slots each season. Show Low only has one conference to worry about – 3A. Tucson has teams in all 5 conferences.

It’s great that people are passionate about the teams they support, but there’s a difference between being passionate and being a dunderhead. One shows your support, the other shows your ignorance. One shows you care, the other shows you don’t. One dispels myths, the other reinforces stereotypes.

Guess which category greengoblin falls into?

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  1. Ranchan, if you read much on the WMF smack board you will see that the Goblin likes to push people’s buttons just to get a reaction. Looks like it worked! Good reply about the Tucson teams though. Also looking forward to your rankings this year.

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