Suns’ 13th man

The preseason rumors are starting to heat up for the Phoenix Suns as to whom the 13th man should be – whether it’s someone like 2nd round pick Taylor Griffin who would come cheap or a veteran who might be waived before the season starts.

My idea is actually both of those – sign Taylor Griffin for the minimum and he can be inactive for as much or as little as necessary, and then trade Alando Tucker for a veteran rebounder. Tucker has done absolutely nada during his tenure with the Suns – he’s a tweener and has demonstrated that he’s only good in the NBDL. His jump shot and driving focus deserts him when he’s on the big stage against better players. We saw a lot of him during blowouts near the end of last season, and he would routinely go 1-14, 2-10, 1-11, etc. Not only can he not finish, he can’t even seem to pass – he’s a black hole when you pass him the ball. Nope, better to trade him for a veteran banger who’ll average 4 points and 8 boards a game and play good defense.

Steve Kerr, I hope you’re reading!