Quick NASCAR one-shot

I’m not a NASCAR fan – never have been, never will be. There’s just something wrong with a “sport” that requires one to drive in a circle 300+ times. Plus, it’s a “sport” that depends solely on a machine (a car). No machine, no participation. So, basically, it’s a “sport” that you can’t grow up playing or even learn how to play until you’re much, much older.

Hence, I don’t consider it a real sport, and I don’t support it, attend any events, watch it on TV, anything of the sort.

So, I was reading a post on azcentral about the Coyotes possibly leaving the Valley, and one of the responders caught my eye in his response to the author of the original article (who, admittedly, is a tool and should stick to editing and not writing – the normal Coyotes beat writer has been mysteriously absent since 5/20…):

“I get it you dont like hockey because its to fast of a sport.. your brain cant function quick enough to locate a puck you need a big car with lots of paint and about 100 decal logos on it going around in a left turn circle for hours to get excited right..” – HOCKEYISPHX

Now that, even poorly worded/written, is still funny.

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