More Famous than last time

Westchester Community College coach Tyrone Mushatt has stated in an interview that Stan Heath traveled to New York for a meeting with Jarrid Famous this past Sunday evening. After the meeting (a “great sitdown”), Heath claimed that Famous will definitely play for the Bulls.

However, Westchester Community College assistant Mickey Carey told the Tampa Tribune via text message earlier Sunday before the meeting that Famous already told Carey he wanted out. “Jarrid had said he already [told] Stan he wanted out. So the meeting wasn’t all that important to him,” Carey wrote.

And of course, Famous himself is still not speaking to reporters, (the elder Famous is claiming his son is “not feeling well” – but apparently was well enough to meet with Stan Heath and Tyrone Mushatt?) but of course, the elder Famous is happy to sit in front of the media cameras and proclaim his son will report to USF on 6/25.

So, the speculation circus continues – who do we believe?

Stan Heath, who withheld information to his star recruit in order to get him to sign? Obviously he gains if Famous stays at USF.

Jerome Famous, who has been pushing for his son to attend USF, after the first attempt to steer him to Seton Hall failed? What is he gaining from all of this? He’s meddling too much for it to just be considered “parent protectiveness”.

Mickey Carey, whose comments might certainly land him in the unemployment line? He could be fired from his current post for his comments, so is he really gaining anything by lying?

Or Jarrid himself, who hasn’t said a word publicly? The silence is deafening – he’s not refuting the claims by Carey, and he’s not supporting the claims by his father or by coach Heath.

Where does the truth actually lay?