Carlos Quentin again

The D-backs seemed to have made a major blunder by giving up on Quentin “too soon” in a trade to the Chicago White Sox two years ago. Last year, Quentin went on a tear and became one of the feared power hitters in the American League until an untimely (and stupid) injury sidelined him for the remainder of the season.

This year, Quentin has already missed time for planter fasciitis in his left foot, and Monday night he felt something pop in that same left foot as he headed for second base in the first inning of the Angels-White Sox game. Quentin looks to be headed for the disabled list and will probably miss 15-30 days because of it.

Two injuries in two years that have resulted in trips to the DL for Quentin. Add that Quentin has a penchant for getting hit by pitches in both leagues (NL and AL), and you have a very real possibility of a career that may be cut short by injuries.

Did the D-backs make the right move in trading Quentin before the 2008 season? Based on the 2008 season, the answer is no – they should have kept him. Based on the way this season is playing out, the answer is still no – they should have kept him. In both 2008 and this year, the D-backs do not have a feared slugger that would keep pitchers honest. Quentin would have been that slugger.

Do I think, long-term, that the D-backs made the right decision? Yes, because I believe that Quentin’s career will probably be over in another 4-5 years due to freak injuries.