Vail HS prank followup

So, three teens were arrested, two of which are adults (18 yrs old) and one of which is a minor (17 yrs old). Vail HS has decided that for their part, the punishment will be not allowing the three to participate in graduation ceremonies, though they will get their HS diplomas. Many parents have written to the news outlets or on internet boards complaining that the kids should be able to walk with their classmates and just do community service.

However, the Vail School District reported that the cost for the damage was $10,000. They had to hire a crane to lift the vehicles in order to reinflate the tires.

Guess what – that dollar amount means the three boys committed felonies.

And, not surprisingly, the three were booked into Pima County Jail last night on… felony charges of 3rd degree burglary, a class 4 felony, and aggravated criminal damage, a class 6 felony. If the judge/jury finds the three guilty without a plea bargain, the teens are looking at prison time and/or probation.

At the very least, the attorney’s fees alone will be close to $10k, and probation will be an ongoing cost (one poster guesstimated about $50/mo for 3 years).

And then, there’s the little niggling matter of having a felony on your record – you can’t own or possess a firearm of any type, you can’t get a job that requires no felonies on record, and you can’t get government clearance for military jobs or contracts.

They had better hope for a plea bargain that gives them probation and drops the felony charges to misdemeanors after probation is completed. That’s about the best they will be able to do, because the school district isn’t about to drop the charges unless the teens pay restitution and perform community service for the school district.

Note to other high school seniors considering dumbass pranks that cause damage – think twice and very carefully about what you’re about to do because there are consequences to every single prank. Toilet papering the school gym is one thing, super-glueing the locks on the parking lot gates is another. “Burning” (with chemicals) your class year in the football field or spray painting the blacktop street in front of your school with your class year – which is going to cause less problems?

Exactly my point.

And for all parents that have the audacity to cry foul because their kids got punished for something you don’t consider harmful – get a clue, morons. The rules are there to protect everyone – break one and you should expect punishment in kind, whether it is detention for chewing gum in the halls or confiscating a cell phone for talking on it during class. You want your kids to grow up smart? Try not being morons yourselves and maybe, just maybe your kids won’t be, because kids do EXACTLY what their parents do.