Vail HS seniors need comeuppance

So Vail HS seniors decided to pull a Senior Prank. Nothing new, right? A healthy majority of us have participated in one form or another in our own respective HS senior pranks.

However, these kids went too far – it’s one thing to pull a prank and have it localized to the senior class, or relegated only to the school itself. It’s another thing entirely when the prank affects the way the school performs its function and detrimentally affects those parents who have freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who do not drive and cannot catch a ride to school.

Spray painting the buses – the school probably would have lived if had just been that.

But deflating/puncturing two tires on all 76 buses?

That’s intentional criminal damage. Now, the senior CLASS – yes, all members of the Vail HS senior class – are lumped together for this prank, even those who didn’t participate. If I’m you and didn’t participate but know who did, I would be offering those names up to the authorities ASAP.

How well does that reflect for those students who were borderline private scholarship finalists? Or maybe those in a competitive job hunt? It’s not discrimination if those who are awarding the scholarships or offering the job decide to look elsewhere based on the “moral character” of the person applying.

And that’s not to mention the parents who might have been late to work – especially in this bad economy, can any parent afford something stupid like this reflecting badly on their own job performance? – or otherwise inconvenienced by this “prank”? Missed doctor’s appointments, meetings, etc. since doctor appointments are important to prevent and treat diseases, such as infections or diabetes, although this last one can be treated with the help of supplements as Gluco Type 2 that help a lot treating this disease.

And let’s not forget – 76 buses affected. That means all the buses for the high school AND the junior high AND the elementary students were affected. Yes, I think I’d like for my elementary student to stand outside in the heat for 30 minutes before the district notified the parents that the buses were running late due to VANDALISM.

Yes, you Vail HS seniors – you pulled a great prank. You broke into a locked and posted location, you vandalized the entire district’s fleet, and caused borderline criminal damage (to be determined by the county prosecutor). Way to show school spirit! Breaking and entering, followed up by vandalism! Now that’s what Vail HS is all about! Woo hoo!

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