USC in a Bind

The Floyd scandal could cost USC any hope of postseason berths following the 09-10 season for basketball. USC football is already in trouble with the Reggie Bush payments (don’t they still owe his agent money?) and could be looking at a postseason problem for the football team, which would really hurt the Pac-10 in general when it comes to the lucrative BCS games.

But Arizona, having dodged a bullet in not hiring Floyd, is starting to smell like roses – at least in basketball. Football, I’ll take a Holiday berth for sure, but if USC is on probation this coming season, the Pac-10 championship could be wide open. Arizona should improve on last season’s success and make themselves into a contender for the upper echelon of the conference.

Basketball, well, Arizona is already leaps and bounds over half the conference already, and with USC headed downhill fast, the 26th straight NCAA Tourney berth is more and more a reality – remember that historically the Pac-10 gets at least 4 teams in every year. Being in the top 4 of the Pac-10 this year should not be a stretch for Miller and company.

But what of Floyd and USC?

Safe bet is that the IRS, the Justice Department, and the NCAA come calling and slap USC and Floyd’s program silly. $1000 to a “handler” that ended up making 250x that for “delivering” Mayo to the Bill Duffy Sports Agency pre-draft seems kinda silly in retrospect, doesn’t it?

Floyd’s well-known as a good recruiter, not so much as a coach. But then with all this coming to light, how “good” of a recruiter is he actually? LSU, do you really want Tim Floyd now?