I’m Still Only Human

A little over five years ago, I posted a note where I admitted that I had done someone very wrong. I had hoped at the time that I would be able to at least explain what I had done and maybe make amends. In no way did I expect forgiveness, I just wanted that person to listen and try to understand what had happened from my perspective.

Five years later, things still aren’t where I’d like them to be, but at least I had the opportunity to contact the person in question. There was a very illuminating conversation – that sometimes you “need some sort of closure”, but “people rarely get that in life. We do things, we make mistakes or we do them right or we just do them and never know whether it’s good or bad. That’s life. You’re just supposed to take the times when you realize your mistakes and try not to do it again.”

While I feel that I received whatever closure to that chapter of my life that God was allowing me to receive, I also feel that there’s a friendship still buried there that could be revisited. I hate to think that whatever I am, I’m not “cho very yokunai” (loosely translated – “really not very nice”). There’s a lot of mileage in the last decade or so, and I’d be interested in sharing. Besides, I still want to hear about the four years spent in Japan, a place I’ve ALWAYS wanted to visit.

So, if you’re out there, I’m talking to you. Even if you finally ended up considering the incident as yurukunai, I ask you this – what do you have to lose by reopening dialogue?