DOJ questioning sale of Citizen

The DOJ has gotten involved in the sale of the Tucson Citizen. They’re looking into the potential buyers in regards to the broker handling the sale. It seems that Gannett Corp wants to force the buyer to continue publishing a print edition of the paper. However, as is well-documented, Gannett is NOT selling their stake in the JOA with Lee Enterprises in regards to the presses.

Since there’s very few places in Tucson that can manufacture a print edition, that would mean that the buyer would also have to “rent” the presses… from, oh my gosh, Gannett! (and the other half of the JOA)

If this was baseball, this would be called collusion – Lee Enterprises would have to agree to the “rental” as well, and why wouldn’t they? They stand to make 50% profit on it!

Something fishy this way comes…