Suns need a 13th player

The NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) requires each team to carry 13 players on its roster. The Suns currently are at 12, and they must sign a 13th player sometime soon. The question is, who? Lots of people are clamoring for Drew Gooden, who was just waived by Sacramento, but Gooden has played in only one game since Jan. 19, and has been slowed by a groin injury for the past six weeks – and people want him to play significant minutes as a bench player on the run-n-gun Suns? I really question this line of thinking.

At this point in the season, the best thing for the Suns to do is to grab a PF player who is in better shape than Gooden (read: fresh legs), that way if the need arises for 4-5 minutes in a game, that player can come in and eat some minutes. The Suns don’t need another scorer – they’ve got plenty of that – but a PF who averages 6-8 points and 4-5 boards and doesn’t mind cleaning up messes will fit perfectly in the Suns style.

Also, can the Suns finally jettison Alando Tucker, please? He can light up the D-League, but when it comes to the big time, he can be the worst player on the floor at any given moment. He takes ill-advised shots, he’s a black hole when he gets the ball, and he always looks like he’s trying to prove he belongs. He’s also undersized for his position (6-6 PF?). He was a failed experiment of D’Antoni’s (and where have we heard THAT phrase before – *cough, cough* Marcus Banks, DJ Strawberry) and the Suns would do better off without him.