Raptors swap Marion, O’Neal with Heat

Does anyone see the multiple ironies here? Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks (who will forever be linked together since they have now been traded together TWICE) are traded to the Toronto Raptors for Jermaine O’Neal and Jamario Moon.

1) The Raptors are headed by Bryan Colangelo, who was the guy pulling the strings in Phoenix during the 7 Seconds or Less era.
2) The Raptors have Jake Voskuhl still, who is a former Sun, also during Colangelo’s reign here in Phoenix.
3) The Raptors are considering a trade with the Suns where Amare Stoudemire goes to Toronto in exchange for Chris Bosh.
4) The Heat, who traded AWAY an O’Neal (Shaquille) last season for Marion, have just traded FOR another O’Neal (Jermaine) this season.

Is Bryan trying to “get the band back together” in Toronto? Rumor also has it he could try to woo Canadian Steve Nash to Toronto for what would be Nash’s final contract after the 2010 season.

Really, for the Suns, they just need to make the trade of Stoudemire to the Nets, since that would net (no pun intended) them two or three expiring contracts, a first round pick (either the Nets’ 2009 or Dallas’ 2010), and a young talent in Yi Jianlian.

And now that the Heat have traded Marion, it looks like the Suns’ best bet for getting anything in a trade close to Stoudemire’s worth is with the Nets.