Someone could make a quick buck

Out here in my part of the Valley of the Sun, someone could EASILY make a mint if they would only:
a) open a Filibertos franchise -OR-
b) open a fish-n-chips franchise.

The closest Filibertos to Queen Creek is 8 miles north of the town limits. The closest fish-n-chips to Queen Creek is 8 miles SOUTH of the town limits. (Yes, I’m referring to the Pirates Fish-n-Chips in Johnson Ranch, and no Johnson Ranch is not a part of Queen Creek town limits despite the QC zip code. For all three of you that read this and live there: deal with it.)

I find this ironic because the only other places that serve fish-n-chips is Long John Silvers/Taco Bell, which no one goes to specifically for Long John Silvers food, unless it’s Lent and then it’s because the other option – the local Catholic church – doesn’t have a drive-thru for their fish fry.

Also ironic are the four Mexican restaurants (Taco Bell does NOT count) in the town limits, 3 of which are located within the same one mile radius of each other, and NONE of which are open 7 days a week, and none of them are “inexpensive”. If I want Super Nachos, for example, on a Sunday evening for dinner, I have to drive to Filibertos in Mesa.

Either way, that’s not cool, and I really hope someone figures it out soon so I can save my gas and my time.

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