March of Dimes

So, last night I attended the annual Nurses of the Year awards gala presented by the March of Dimes. This is an annual event that I volunteer at because if it weren’t for the March of Dimes and their work and the work of those connected with MoD, my daughter wouldn’t be here today.

Now the MC of the event for the past couple of years was Pat McMahon, a local TV host here in the Valley. Nice enough guy, until he finds the cocktail bar, then all bets are off. Many times in the past couple of years, I found that it was hard to listen to him because he slurred words, he’d forget what he was saying, or he’d just flat out say things incorrectly – much to the embarrassment of the MoD people, I’m sure.

So this year, the MC was Gayle Bass, who ironically is the “Click Chick” for KTAR newsradio – yes, the same station that I wrote about in a previous post here. She’s pretty good. Better than McMahon, I have to say.

However, since this is a Nurses’ appreciation dinner, one would maybe think that as MC you don’t tick off the people you are here to celebrate – which she managed to do in a sort-of light-hearted not-so-subtle way.

See, Ms. Bass is a graduate of Arizona State University (no, it’s not worth my time to link to ASU, go look it up yourself if you’re that interested), and there’s a long-standing “history” between ASU and the University of Arizona (ASU is, in effect, UofA’s little brother – UofA has been around much longer than ASU, and ASU was originally a Teacher’s College, not a University). So ASU grads and UA grads are always barking at each other.

And wouldn’t you know it, some of the best nurses in the state happen to work at University Medical Center, which is on the UofA campus. You can see where this is going.

Anyway, throughout the evening, Ms. Bass would throw a “Go Devils” into her speech, much to the annoyance of personnel from UofA, Northern Arizona University, and Grand Canyon University. She didn’t make any new friends with a half-hearted, semi-sarcastic “Go ‘Lopes” (GCU’s mascot) either.

So, it was much to my delight – along with several others’ at my table, none of which are UA or ASU grads, by the way – when the raffle game was being played. It was a simple game of heads or tails – if you purchased a raffle ticket, you got to play. Before the coin was flipped, you indicated “heads” by putting your hands on your head, or “tails” by placing your hands on your backside. Obviously if you “won”, you moved on, and if you “lost” you sat down in your chair again.

Three flips into the game, Ms. Bass forgot how to play the game, telling two people to stand up because they had tails and the coin said heads. Then, after the MoD director corrected Ms. Bass, she exclaimed “I’ve forgotten how to play the game!”

To which I remarked to the rest of my table: “Ms. Bass must be an ASU grad.”

All in all, I will love to see Ms. Bass back as MC as she did an outstanding job otherwise. She just needs to remember who her audience is.