Former Diamondbacks (and one Wildcat) Reaching Retirement

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick posted an article on May 28 about the Top 9 players that have not yet officially called it quits (i.e. “retired”) but still haven’t gotten that elusive last one-year contract either.

Noticably, the list is ripe with former D-backs (and one former Arizona standout) – the numbers are the rank that Mr. Crasnick placed them in his Top 9.

#9 – Damien Miller – former catcher and 2001 World Series winner. Member of the 10th Anniversary Team.
#6 – Steve Finley – former CF and 2001 World Series winner. One of the fan favorites and member of the 10th Anniversary Team.
#5 – Royce Clayton – former SS in 2005. Not really noteworthy other than he had long dreadlocks during his one year stint here.
#4 – Jeff Cirillo – former IF picked up in last year’s trade deadline during the run for the National League pennant. Noteworthy for finally making it to the playoffs with Arizona after a 13-year career.
#3 – Reggie Sanders – former RF and 2001 World Series winner. Was on a one-year contract to begin with and was not a clubhouse fit – argued his way out of town after the 2001 Series, but now is ironically doing studio post-game broadcasts with the D-backs.
#2 – Kenny Lofton – CF. Was a member of the University of Arizona men’s BASKETBALL team (1988 Final Four, 1989 Sweet 16). Also ironically, he was traded in 1991 from the Houston Astros to the Cleveland Indians because Steve Finley was already firmly set as the starting CF in Houston.

Wow. So, among Mr. Crasnick’s Top 9, four D-backs had playoff impacts, and three were World Series winners. Not a bad way to go.