A Funny Trade

You know that professional athletes are traded all the time – it’s part of the business of baseball / football / basketball / hockey / pro sports.

Most of the time, the player traded is for another player or multiple players, but sometimes the trade is made for cash or draft picks instead.

But what if you’re the guy that got traded for … EQUIPMENT?


And that’s just what happened – the Calgary Vipers of the Golden Baseball League traded pitcher John Odom to the Laredo Broncos of the United League in exchange for 10 Prairie Sticks Maple Bats, double-dipped black 34-inch C243 style. The retail price of these babies? A whopping $65.50 per bat – when you buy anywhere from six to eleven bats.

(That comes out to $655, for those mathematically-challenged. Which means that, yes, the player was only thought to be worth less than $700. Seventh-round NFL draft picks sign for more than that.)

As to why Odom was traded – apparently he didn’t disclose a “minor” transgression on his record prior to his passport being scanned at the Canadian border. Now, he’s (in)famous for it.