Rolling on the Rock of Love

I watched the last two hours of the Bret Michaels’ Rock of Love marathon, and all I can say about the whole ending can be summed up in four simple words:


I know blonde women all over the world are just cringing at the fact that this girl completely and utterly makes all the demeaning stereotypes about blondes just about 100% accurate.

If I were blonde, I’d be upset.

In fact, if I were blonde, I’d be hunting this person down and dying her hair some other color.

On another note, I think Bret Michaels is wasting his time as a “rock and roll guy”, because his music is outdated. But he’s easily an intelligent and well-spoken person (the exact opposite of certain other rock-n-rollers that have been on reality shows recently), and he could do well with a talk show or as a host of primetime series.

But lose the bandana already.