Tim Thomas

Suns fans remember him if only because of the way he spurned the Suns when he left for a mega-contract for the LA Clippers.

Yeah, well, Thomas just made Bill Simmons’ NBA MVP list at #314:

I guess the question is this: Is there an NBA forward alive who couldn’t play 31 minutes a game, score 12 points, notch five rebounds and three assists, miss 70 percent of his 3-pointers and allow his guy to score at will? If baseball has VORP (value over replacement player), then basketball should have VOTT (value over Tim Thomas). And that’s not even half the story. During a Lakers-Clips game last week, the Postmaster General (that’s my nickname for him) spent a large chunk of the third quarter jogging between the two 3-point lines without ever crossing either line, almost like he wagered a teammate that he could play an entire quarter without going within 24 feet of either basket. It might have been the most riveting moment of the Clippers’ season. He’s such a dog that PETA might protest this paragraph.