6 Hours 16 Minutes

So, last night’s Padres/Rockies game went 22 innings in a time of 6 hours 16 minutes.

These two teams seem to have a history of long-ass games (anyone remember last year’s 13-inning one-game tiebreaker?) so, it really doesn’t surprise me.

What did surprise me is that both teams actually only used one catcher. Can you imagine how bad those guys’ knees feel this morning after squatting for 6 hours AND then both teams had to catch red-eye flights (Colorado back home to Denver to start a series against Houston, San Diego coming here to Phoenix to start up one with the D-backs)?

And not only that, last night’s game was apparently the longest game in both clubs’ histories.

For a D-backs fan, that game spells A-W-E-S-O-M-E, because the Padres used 7 pitchers (4 of which went 2 innings or more), and because the Padres have now gone 94 innings without a home run, which will probably stretch to at least 100 tonight since Dan Haren hasn’t gone less than 6 innings in any of his starts this year. Tell me that Greg Maddux got enough sleep this morning to be ready for the D-backs’ bats…