April Anime Update #2

So I was finally able to finish off the Clannad movie.

It starts off with a little recap of the entire series and then “devolves” into a flashback/flashforward story of our two protagonists, namely Tomoya and Nagisa.

As an author, I really despise this way of storytelling because the pace of the story, the “flow” if you will, is severely and utterly disrupted the moment you cut into flashback/flashforward scenes. It’s also a way to “cheat” in storytelling – you don’t have to fill in the details because you’re in essence skipping ahead, like turning to the last chapter of a good book just to find out what the ending will be.

As such, there’s no motivation to understand Tomoya’s depression, no way to see the marriage (if there was one) of Tomoya and Nagisa, and no explanation of the disappearance of some of the major characters from the original series.

Overall, this movie gets a dismal 2.5 stars out of 5, and only because the first half of the movie was so good.

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