No Balls, One Strike, We’re Out

Ah, so the last game of the season (so far) was played last night – the Anaheim Angels beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 6-1. Afterward, the “crowd” of 18,800+ threw debris on the field. Caps, beach balls, game programs, and even dollar bills [b](!)[/b] ended up on the turf. ESPN Radio reported that one person even threw a rally monkey out there.

Not that I endorse throwing ANYTHING on a field during game play, mind you.

However, the quote of the day came from Scott Schoeneweis: “I know (the fans) are disappointed, but let us play the game.”


And as of 9:00pm PDT last night, the owners and the players’ union were quibbling over $3 million, in terms of the luxury tax threshold. $3 million. It would take me 35 years at my 2000 salary to make that, BEFORE taxes, and these guys are arguing over $3 million. And then they wonder why the fans are angry and don’t understand what they’re fighting for.

I don’t blame the fans one bit. In fact, I’m almost hoping that the players DO strike – I’d go and see the minor league teams instead. Or even better, I’d like to see management call up minor leaguers and play out the remaining 30+ days of the schedule. Who’s got the better farm club? I’d like to see people playing who WANT to play for the love of the game, not because they are getting paid $723,459.46/year.

Whatever. College football season is coming up, so at least I can watch a sport where people are actually playing for pride, honor, and glory instead of a weekly paycheck. (Well, unless you root for the Miami Hurricanes…)

[b]// UPDATE[/b]

Looks like they reached a settlement. Good for them. Splitting $3 mil 750 ways must’ve been tough. ($4000 per player)

[b]// END UPDATE[/b]