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All About DKC

Digital Knight Communications is a group of talented writers and artists who have continued to create some of the best fanfiction to date. They wish to simply express themselves in a medium suited for a world-wide audience and have been successful in doing so. All the authors have written solo projects; however, they have come together to produce the award-winning Daigakusei no Ranma and Daigakusei no Ukyou series.

David J. Tai

Co-founder of Digital Knight Communications. Co-creator of both Daigakusei no Ranma and Daigakusei no Ukyou series. Primary author for Daigakusei no Ukyou.

My first anime was quite possibly Force Five (anybody remember Danguard Ace, Starvengers, Spacekeeters, Gandizer, Gaiking?). From there, anime went into cold hibernation till Voltron, Tranzor Z (all right, so I liked it better than Robotech! :P~) and Robotech. (Transformers too. I guess it was more of a Big Giant Robot stage than anime stage. I can still rattle off the Transformers' names. :) )

After Robotech went off the air (for some reason, my favorite of the series was the third generation, or "Genesis Survivor Mospeda"), anime went into cold hibernation again till college, when my friends were raving about Bubble Gum Crisis, Riding Bean, and Gunbuster.

I started checking R.A.A* for info on Bubble Gum Crisis. That led me to r.a.a.s.** The first fanfic I ran across, I believe, was Paul Gallegos' "A Gift for Her?" I wrote to him, asked him a bit more about Ranma. (I believe this is about when I picked up the first Ranma games and manga. Of course, this also led to me picking up Urusei Yatsura. Jeez... after 18 TV tapes, 6 movies, and 6 OVAs, I want more!) After Paul's second fanfic, I felt like asking him to check my fanfic "Monkey Business"... and pretty soon later, we were talking about what would become DnR.
*[Editor's note: RAA is the common abbreviation for the rec.arts.anime.* hierarchy of Usenet newsgroups.]
**[Editor's note: r.a.a.s. - rec.arts.anime.stories - was the previous incarnation of rec.arts.anime.creative (RAAC)]

I won't bore you with the creation process and how we named the characters and everything, but we had enough fun that we decided to go ahead and write it. There are lots of stories behind the scenes of DnR (Sad to say, a lot of stories are based on real life incidents. *sigh*) that can probably be told... oh... much later. Nyaaaaah. :)

Paul Gallegos

Co-founder of Digital Knight Communications. Co-creator of both Daigakusei no Ranma and Daigakusei no Ukyou series. Primary author for Daigakusei no Ranma.

Anime for me was the old stuff - y'know, Battle of the Planets (did you know that they edited that A LOT before showing it in the US? It's really gory otherwise! :), Tranzor Z, Voltron (I liked the ships better than the lions), and of course Robotech. But then I got to college. About two years into college, I got into the Tucson Animation Screening Society, where they showed cool stuff like Bubblegum Crisis, Vampire Princess Miyu, and an occasional episode of Nadia (bleah!). One time, they showed some episodes of Ranma, several in a row, in fact. I liked it so much, I did what any otaku-fan-boy would do... I wrote a fanfic on it.

It got some ok reviews. Just enough to make me write another. Guess what? The second one stank.

Since I'm a Creative Writing major, this was a total letdown. So I did research. And research. I talked to everyone I could think of on Ranma from Hitoshi Doi to Steve Pearl to MegaZone. I watched every Ranma episode I could get my hands on, and read every translation out there on the manga, plus tv synopses. I read everything I could on Takahashi as well, from her background to her current writings. I took Japanese classes, I did research on Japanese culture... I had to know EVERYTHING.

It paid off. David Tai came to me one day and asked for help on an idea he had. The idea ended up becoming "Monkey Business" - a five-part story of which I edited four parts and wrote one.

Then we started talking seriously about writing more stuff together... including a what-if discussion about Ranma in college. We had several discussions about it, and started to make plans to do it.

In the interim, Jeff Yang contacted us about helping write a new series idea he had; he claimed that it was a brand new idea about Ranma going to college (though he also noted that the real motivation was because someone already did Kimagure Orange Road in College). David and I decided to try it, but soon found that Jeff's direction really wasn't where we both wanted to go and we split from him.

Jeff called his series "Ranma University". At present it has about two stories, a side story and an ungodly rap theme. It doesn't look like it'll ever be finished.

We started "Ranma no Daigakusei" but quickly changed it when it was pointed out that the title was backwards. ;) Hence the DnR title.

We've tried our damnedest to be original, though it's hard to be really original when you're up against more than 3000 years of literature. :) Then again, I'm always surprised when I see fanfics pop up that use themes in DnR (like the one I saw that cloned Lardizabal as a major character for Ranma to fight... yeah, right, whatever.)

Of course, DnR wouldn't be complete without Jeff Hosmer and John Biles, with whom David and I are deeply indebted (though not so much to owe them any $ ;) and a host of others I finally had to list at the bottom of this page.

John Walter Biles

Co-creator of the Daigakusei no Ukyou series. Primary author for Daigakusei no Ukyou.

Hehe :) Time to join the round of introductions.

Of course, being an author, I can't just tell you about myself, I have to do it in a story :)

[Scene opens on John busily typinng away at a computer in a computer lab like many others, except for the blackboards all over the walls for no apparement reason.]

John: Let's see, which of my projects is farthest behind...

Choji: The one where I get to sleep with the entire female half of the cast!

John : [blinks] I don't think so...Aren't you supposed to be peeping on someone right now?

Choji: Well, DNR doesn't have any reporter characters, so they sent me instead.

John: ...

Choji: So how did you get into Anime?

John: Well, I first watched Starblazers, Speed Racer, and Battle of the Planets, but I had no idea they were Japanese animation. I also watched a few episodes of Robotech, but they showed it when I was usually in school, so I hardly saw any of it. I also read the first translation of Urusei Yatsura and some of Adam Warren's Dirty Pair stories too.

Choji: [looks up from nodding off, yawns] So then what happened?

John: Well, I didn't really get into anime until I attended Castlecon in July of 1993. I was bored cause nothing was happening, so I stumbled into the "weird stuff" room. They were supposed to be showing Undead Pharoahs of Pittsburg. But they were ahead of scehedule, so they were showing Ranma 1/2.

Choji: Was Ranma naked when you walked in?

John: [whaps Choji in the head] No!

Choji: Hey, I can't help this, ya know! It's the way I'm written!

John: Yeah, that's what they all say. Anyway, I discovered my local comic shop carried the Ranma 1/2 manga, so I started buying it. Then, I discovered the R.A.A* newsgroup and the net fanfic archives. I started reading them and thought, "Hey, I could do this!"
*[Editor's note: RAA is the common abbreviation for the rec.arts.anime.* hierarchy of Usenet newsgroups.]

Choji: Let me guess, you read Undocumented Features and tried to write a story where you and your friends save the universe from 1001 sci-fi references.

John: Not unless you consider a Ranma 1/2 story to fall in that genre. My first story was an epic...I didn't plan it that way, but it happened against my will.

Choji: Yeah, right.

John: Despite a near total lack of feedback at first, I plugged away and over a nine month period wrote Putting Your Heart in the Right Place. I also joined the local Anime club and got exposed to a lot more anime.

Choji: Which caused your head to grow to its currently tremendous size?

John: It did not! Anyway, I started my own mailing list...

Choji: To feed your ego.

John: To get feedback on my stories! [noogies Choji] And I started writing more and more and more stories. That brings us to the present day where I've written tons and tons of fanfiction.

Choji: So how did you get into DNR?

John: Well, I read the first DNR episode on RAAS*.
*[Editor's note: RAAS - rec.arts.anime.stories - was the previous incarnation of rec.arts.anime.creative (RAAC)]

Choji: And you swore to love and worship it forever, right!

John: I hated it. Oh, it made me angry! I was really dissapointed, having read other stories by the same authors.

Choji: So why did you keep reading it?

John: Well, at that point, there was still not very much Ranma fanfiction. So I read EVERY story, no matter how bad.

Choji: So, did you end up on the authorial staff?

John: Well, it got better. What really galled me in the first episode was that they got married 'cause they were forced to. Coercion makes me bonkers. Eventually, I got on the mailing list and offered a steady stream of comments.

Choji: Wanted or not.

John: [whaps Choji] Shut up! Anyway, so eventually, I made so much noise they had to buy me, offer me an authorial position :)

Choji: So what about these rumors you're going to have Makiko and Ukyou become Lesbian lovers?

John: ...

Choji: The people have a right to know! Are you really going to unleash giant wombats in the streets of the city? Is Ryouga going to return as a vampire? Is Kazuyo actually a devil worshipper? Will you EVER finish Furinkan Summer? What about all those gang members from episode 3? What about the Prince of Ill Luck's sister? What about Kumon Ryu? Why doesn't Kogane appear in any of your stories? Will Paul be making a cameo in episode 20? Will Mysterious Partner* ever be released? Am I really going to get to sleep with Kasumi? What about the...
*[Editor's note: The Mysterious Partner arc - DnR Episodes 20-21 - took three years to complete.]

John: [blows a whistle. Makoto enters] Hey, Makoto, can you get rid of this guy for me?

Makoto: [smiles] No problem. [hauls off the still ranting Choji and tosses him in a dumpster.

Choji: Inquiring minds wanna know!!!!!!!

[Roll end credits]

Jeffrey Paul Hosmer

Co-creator of the Daigakusei no Ukyou series. Primary author for Daigakusei no Ranma.

How did I get started? Hmm, well, it's all my college roommate's fault. (Hey, don't believe what HE says, this is MY story. :) It happened at a science fiction convention back in, oh, 1992? Anyway, I was wandering around, looking for him and I found him in the Anime room. Now, I had watched Star Blazers and Voltron and all of that as a kid, but I never knew it was anime. But at that convention, I saw Bubblegum Crisis. I stayed up the entire night to watch it and the next day I bought my first anime tape.

My obsession grew from there and extended to manga as well. I watched more stuff and bought more tapes and searched the nets. I can't remember how I found rec.arts.anime but it was either a newsgroup search or from my aforementioned roommate. And it was on that very first day that I read part of Undocumented Features 4.

Yes, UF was my introduction to fanfiction. This probably comes as no surprise to a lot of people. Anyhow, like so many others, I thought to myself, "Hey, I can do this."

My first fanfic was "Bubblegum Crash! Angel of Darkness" and it was in five parts, telling a story of tragedy and cyberpsychosis and was relatively well received. I then set about writing a sequel.

Now, in 1993 or 1994, a company known as Viz Video brought Ranma1/2 over to America. I had heard of Ranma (who hadn't?) and thought the concept, as it was explained to me, was a little weird. I even saw Movie 2 at a convention, in Japanese and I liked it, even if I couldn't understand a word. I bought the first tape of the dub and thought, "Well, maybe now I'll finally understand what this is all about."

I own almost every Ranma tape now that Viz has put out. Pathetic, ne? I then turned my eye toward some of the Ranma fanfics out there, as well as the BGC and UF stuff, and read something called "Putting Your Heart in the Right Place" by some yutz named Biles. :) Weird, but funny stuff. I then put it aside.

Now, at this time, I was corresponding with the UF crowd a lot. (Hi guys! Sorry I've been a stranger!) and I met a fellow named Phil Moyer (writer of the Serendipity series). Phil lived in Maryland and told me about the Terrapin Anime Society at the University of Maryland. Now, -I- had been the Anime Society at my Alma Mater (University of Virginia) and I was interested in seeing new stuff, so I went to a meeting. Phil told me that John Biles was also a member. We met there and fell into discussing fanfics. I became a regular editor on John's works. He started his Elseworlds series and I had an idea for one that I called "Akane 1/2" which I started writing.

Meanwhile, my Ranma collection was growing. I even got a fansub of episodes 110-111 of Nettouhen, the Secret Sauce episode. that introduced me to the character of Ukyou. During a dry spell on "BGC: Angel of Light" and "Akane1/2" I wrote "Girls' Night Out" which was the first Ranma fanfic I 'published.'

I continued writing and collecting anime while also pursuing my mundane identity as an Army Historian. I wrote some more Ranma fics, and some stuff for Serendipity and influenced a few writers out there with my crazy ideas. One series that I read and started contributing some C & C to was Daigakusei no Ranma (bet you thought I'd never get around to it, huh? :)

Anyhow, I shot a few ideas around Paul and David, reviewed some of their stories, and got on the mailing list. At some point, John got brought on board and I chopped up--er, critiqued his DnR stuff, too. Little did I know that the fires of vengeance would grow within his breast. :)

Anyway, I kept writing (you can't stop once you start, did you know that?). In 1995, DIC brought Sailor Moon to America and I fell from grace watching the show I had always blasted before. (I saw it at a convention in Japanese once, but that was after staying up 40 hours without sleep and I thought I was hallucinating when the cat spoke. :) I was not alone in this fall, and John and I started the Sailor Moon Z series out of his "Symphony of the Planets." I also was helping out with ideas and plotting and side stories on Chris Willmore's Ranma 2096 series.

Then I had this inspiration for a DnR story featuring Shampoo and Mousse. I felt that DnR had been focusing a little too much on some characters at the expense of others. I mentioned this to John who encouraged me to speak to David and Paul. They hacked my initial idea to bits but told me I could try. Then, they let me in on a big secret (do you sense them getting ready to tug on the hook, boys and girls?). They told me about DnU and offered me a place as a writer. My Shampoo story would become the second episode of DnU.

Well, I was concerned over whether I would have the time to commit to such a project, but the sight of grown men begging (hey, don't believe what THEY tell you :) moved me... well, to be violently sick. So, I accepted and they haven't let up since. One of these days, I'll write a story that remains the same from conception to finish AND that satisfies them if it kills me. :)

Anyway, that's my story. Now, David, about that idea of Hitomi being a renegade ninja from a clan of Waiter/Waitress Martial Artists (who practice the dread Bus Fu), sworn enemies of Lardy's Drunk Fu clan... :)

P.S. -- I hate Sato! KILL! *shoots Sato with an orbital laser satellite*

Alexandra Teixeira

Official artist.

Oh, what to say?

How did I get into manga? It all started like most people here in my country. About 6 years ago, the series Saint Seiya (here it is called Os cavaleiros do Zodíaco ... it's a really WEAK series, but it was all we had...) debuted. It felt like love at first sight, y'know? I just loved the way they smiled, screamed, moved. I didn't even know it was Japanese at that time (let alone know what was "manga" or "anime"). Some months afterward I attended a comics course. I was just starting to take drawing more seriously (yeah, I was used to doing my classmates's works for Artist Ed., but never thought I could turn into a professional or something someday). In this course I met Ranma. Love. :) Deep passionate love. I couldn't stop until I found out everything about Ranma and Rumiko Takahashi. I was already drawing my series Meu Melhor Amigo (My Best Friend) when I made my first fanzine and published a report in it about Rumiko Takahashi. When Ranma ended and I found out Takahashi-sensei was making another series, I couldn't help it! I needed more info! In two months (or so) I wrote another report about InuYasha. It was the first one about this series published here in Brazil, and it was published in a real magazine, not a fanzine.

And why manga, in all kinds of comics that exist? Well, I am not able to make such expressive drawings in other styles. I like that freedom that I have drawing manga when we're talking about facial expression, inking (I don't like filling all my pages with little lines, gotta have a clean inking style), movement (the long long legs and thin bodies, bigger hands and feet), among other things, but most of all, the deep characters. I've never seen such REAL personalities in other styles. Just stop to think about Akane. She's sad inside, revolted, she fights against her feelings, she cries when she's alone, she loves someone but can't let her pride down... it's fantastic! I LIKE doing it for my own characters!

Anyway, some time before that, I found out about fanfics. I wasn't really into fanfics, but decided to read one about Ranma just out of curiosity. I found a site that had a LONG list of Ranma fics and DnR was listed as "THIS is the TRUE story of Ranma and Akane after the series' ending..."** or something. I though "Hoh, really? So you're the choosen one." I couldn't stop reading it! I was spending my whole day (I wasn't working at that time) reading insanely! When I got to the end, I couldn't help it. I sent an email to the DnR crew: "Oh, I loved it, it's so beautiful, so pretty, so lovely, so..." and so on. To my surprise, I got a response from Paul Gallegos. It was surprising because fanfic sites hardly answer readers like me, let alone so fast. I got all rushed about and decided to make a sketch of Ranma and Akane from Ep. #25. Paul's response for THIS email had the subject "Wow...".
**[Editor's note: The link most likely read "THE Ranma continuation" or "The original continuation of the Ranma series".]

When I looked again, I was the official artist. :)
[Editor's note: We really did ask her and she said yes. No kidnapping or other illegal means of persuasion was involved. ^_^]

That was back in December of 1997. Since then lotsa things happened. One of them is that now I am a professional comics artist, and I've got a couple of published works in this area.

Now, people, please, send email to Paul and ask him to finish lettering DnR #6 that I made comics version for. ;)

PS. If Jeff kills Sato, I'll make a colored A3 poster of him and Aburatsubu-kun from Mahou Tsukai Tai cuddling under blankets and sell it at every Manga/Anime convention I attend. *dead serious face* I mean it.

Rodrigo Valdebenito

Official Spanish translator.

And not to leave out...

* Alessia, official Italian translator.

* Nocturnal Azure, official French translator.

* Cláudio Oliveira Acosta, official Portuguese translator.

* Mike "Nelson" Gulick, maintainer of the DnR Companion.

* Jong Man Hwang, artist. (presumed lost on the Internet somwhere...)

Others who have contributed along the way

* Sushil K. Rudranath, DnR / DnU and DKC logo designs.

* David Kelk, co-author of DnR 9.

* Jim Miller, co-author of DnR 11.

* Jon K. Hayashi, co-author of DnR 14 and former maintainer of the DnR Outsider's FAQ.

* Kurt Stoskopf, co-author of DnR 14.

* The Programmer known as J., co-author of DnR 20-21.

* Richard Lawson, co-author of the DnR Halloween '97 Special and DnR 25-26

* Terry Johnson, co-author of DnU 5.

* Mike Loader, co-author of DnU 7 and 10-11

* RpM, co-author of DnU 10-12

* Christian Bremer, co-author of DnR 28

Special Thanks to

TASS logoTucson Animation Screening Society

Legal Stuff

Daigakusei no Ranma and Daigakusei no Ukyou: As You Like It are based on the characters created by Rumiko Takahashi.

Ranma ½ and its characters are Copyright © Viz Communications, Inc., Shogakukan, Kitty Animation, and Rumiko Takahashi.


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