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DnR/DnU Episode, Artwork, and Themes Archive

These are the archives, where all the DnR/DnU stories are held. You can find old stories, themes, and even graphics from past and present artists here.

Episodes are listed in the order of release.

DnR 01 - With This Ring...
DnR 02 - Housewarming
DnR 03 - Akane's New Pet
DnR 04 - One For The Road...
DnR 05 - A Little Bit Of Insight
DnR 06 - The Play's The Thing!
DnR 07 - A Warm Welcome
DnR 08 - Caught In The Act
DnR 09 - Roses Are Red, Kodachi Is Too
DnR Sp01 - Believing Is Seeing!
DnR 10 - Power Drink! Yuriko's Breakthrough!
DnR Sp02 - Will You Be Mine? Bittersweet Holidays
DnR 11 - Could I Have This Dance? Ranma's On Stage!
DnR 12 - Face To Face! Lardizabal Meets His Match!
DnR 13 - Coincidence? or... The Prince of Ill Luck!
DnR 14 - Tag-team Action! Partners With Attitudes!
DnR 15 - A Battle of Pawns! Kunou vs. Ranma!
DnR 16 - Crisis at Maison Sabaku - Flying Koi Attack!
DnR 17 - Spiritual Arrival!
DnR 18 - Spiritual Warfare! Deceptions and Betrayal?
DnR 19 - Spiritual Aftermath!
DnU 01 - Awakenings: Ukyou and the Moon Child!
DnR 20 - Sudden Shock! Ranma's Mysterious Partner!
DnR 21 - Shocking Revelation! The Mystery Unfolds!
DnU 02 - Catastrophe! Film at the Nekohanten!
DnR 22 - Finals! Ranma in Jeopardy?
DnU 03 - Separate Ways! The Finals Countdown!
DnR 23 - Sex, Lies, and Summer Break!
DnR Sp03 - The Round Robin
DnU 04 - Home Is Where the Fighting Is!
DnR 24 - Adventure on the Beach! The Better End!
DnR Sp04 - A Nightmare on DnR Street
DnU 05 - Weekend at Lardy's!
DnR 25 - Oh, the Places Kodachi Will Go!
DnU 06 - Unexpected Visitors!
DnR 26 - With This Ring... Part II
DnU 07 - Broken Spatula Faceoff!
DnR 27 - When Kazuyo's Away, Choji Will Play!
DnU 08 - The Unbearable Lightness of Being Ukyou
DnU 09 - Silver Lining
DnR 28 - Say You Will
DnU 10 - A Spatula to the Head
DnU 11 - The Replacement Grillers
DnR 29 - Ranma, Mighty Ranma at the Bat
DnU 12 - When It Rains...

Series Titles
DnR Themes

Opening Theme 1: All This Time (P. Gallegos)
Ending Theme 1: For the First Time (P. Gallegos)
Opening Theme 2: Leave the Memories (P. Gallegos)
Ending Theme 2: Could This Be Love (P. Gallegos)
Opening Theme 3: Never Gonna Hide (P. Gallegos, M. Weaver, D. Tai)
Ending Theme 3: Somebody Loves You (P. Gallegos, J. Marvel, S. Lechter)
Opening Theme 4: The Life of Love (P. Gallegos, D. Tai)
Ending Theme 4: Always a Second Chance (P. Gallegos)

DnR Image Themes

Image Theme 1: Was It Love (Ukyou's Theme) (P. Gallegos)
Image Theme 2: Just Another Christmas (P. Gallegos)
Image Theme 3: Can You Hear (P. Gallegos)

DnU Themes

Opening Theme 1: Life and the Maiden (The Awakening) (P. Gallegos)
Ending Theme 1: I Promise You (P. Gallegos)

Special Thanks to Eric VanCurler and Brent Plante for finding copies of the sketches by Hwang and Moreno!

Sketches and drawings by Alexandra Teixeira
Character Sketch
"Girl Power". From l to r: Nabiki, Hitomi, Makiko, Ukyou, Ranma-chan, Megami, and Akane.
Character Sketches
"Shonen no Shikaeshi" ("Boys' Revenge"). From l to r: Ryouga, Sato, Ranma (again), Mousse, Lardizabal, Choji, and Tatewaki Kuno.
Character Sketch
Makiko, Ukyou, and Megami.
Character Sketches
The Mizunoikan gang. From clockwise starting at top left: Kuno, Shirow, Junko, Nabiki, Akane, Ranma, Ukyou, Makiko, and Lardizabal.
Character Sketch
Shampoo in color line art.
Character Sketches
Akane and Ranma walking to class.
Character sketches
Akane, Ranma, and Ukyou in watercolor.
Character Sketch
Ranma in cutoffs and sleeveless shirt.
Character Sketches
John Biles, David Tai, Paul Gallegos, Jeff Hosmer (with BFG 2000), Alexandra Teixeira protecting Sato (and Yutaga).
Character Sketches
Lardizabal: Yesh! I's not drunk bad! Heheheheheh... Wheeeee!!
Character Sketches
Ranma: Oi! Run away! Save yourself! A mad dog just bit me!
Akane: Hehehehehehe... Ohayo, Ranma!
DnR Episode 08
Ukyou crying at the end of DnR 08, with Makiko trying to console her.
DnR Episode 13
Ranma noticing Ukyou's attire as they walk to class.
DnR Episode 17
Ukyou, Ranma, Akane and Sato in front of the spirit pool. Ukyou has no reflection, while Ranma's reflection is his female form, and Akane's is the Phoenix bird.
DnR Episode 23
Ranma and Akane... the morning after.
DnR Episode 24
Akane and Ranma on the beach, while Nabiki and Kasumi look on.
DnR Episode 25
Akane holding Ranma in her arms during her battle with Kodachi.
DnR Episode 26
Ranma walking out on Akane after their fight.
DnR Episode 27
The members of Nabiki's band "Takizushi" from left to right: Shiganori Morisato, Takayuki Senno, and Izumi Ogawa.
DnR Episode 28
Ranma and Hitomi, not quite sure of themselves.
DnR Episode 28
Hitomi and ... Akane?
DnU Episode 05
"Kosuke" and Ukyou.
DnU Episode 08
Ukyou, Sato, and Ranma surrounded by the Circle of the Moon.
Nabiki and her little black book.
Tarou Pantyhose, I Choose You!
Tarou eyeing a pokeball while Ash and Co. look on.

Sketches and drawings by Anastasia Moreno
Character Sketch
Pencil sketches of Akane
DnR Episode 11
Akane and Ukyou in the dance club.
DnR Episode 12
Lardizabal after Shampoo gets a hold of him, with Makiko kneeling and Yenter arguing in top left.
DnR Episode 13
Akane admiring her new bracelet while Makiko's computer blows up in front of Ukyou and Makiko.
DnR Episode 14
Yuriko being carried into the gym with the Tendos and Saotomes looking on.
DnR Episode 15
Ranma trying to determine which chess piece to move.

Sketches and drawings by Jong Man Hwang
Character Sketches
Pencil sketches of Hitomi, Ranma, Akane, Kazuyo and Toshi
Character Sketches
Pencil sketches of Junko and Choji
Character Sketch
Pencil sketch of Lardizabal in various... states.
DnR Cast
Super-deformed group shot of the entire cast. (line art)
DnR Cast
Super-deformed group shot of the entire cast. (color)
DnR Episode 02
Housewarming party at Maison Sabaku.
DnR Episode 04
Lardizabal vs. Ranma in the new Nekohanten.
DnR Episode 05
Kasumi and Yuriko with Yuriko's experiments.
DnR Episode 05
Ukyou sitting under the tree daydreaming.


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