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Status Report

DnR Episode 32
7 scenes wrtten. Major plot already introduced. Minor plot introduced.
Crystal Tempest 7
1 LONG scene added.
Current News

08/20/08 by pag
Quick update of status. Shout out to Hinoai for the linkback and once again for the great artwork on the left.
2008 Migration
04/20/08 by pag
Migrated servers once again. Also migrated to new version of PHP, which in turn means that I had to recode many pages in the site - and I am sure I missed a couple. If you see areas that seem to have disappeared, let me know. I may move this status to a new piece of code later, depending on the amount of time I have available.
Some Unearthed Artwork
07/12/07 by pag
Found some submitted fanart that I didn't know I had while cleaning out the mailbox so I posted them in the Latest Releases section of the website (News -> Latest Releases), but one of them was just too good to pass up, so it's now here on the main page... even if Hinoai doesn't know it yet :)


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